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Our Approach

The Reality

We at Big Shrimpy recognize that we walk a fine line when we talk about environmental stewardship. After all, in a consumer-crazed world, determined to amass stuff, we go and make more of it. We also know that our industry—that of making furry friends comfortable and content—is a luxury of the developed world.

But we love our Shrimpy and we know you love your four-legged friend too. And, if we don’t sell you a pet bed, someone else will. So if we are going to make more stuff, we ask ourselves, how do we make it worthwhile? Or somehow help our planet? Here’s our take on it.

Pride in Quality, Comfort, and Common Sense

We believe planned obsolescence is an insult to the consumer and to the planet. We’re focused on creating products that we can stand behind and that make sense. That means products that are bomber tough. That means products designed to be comfortable for your pet and easy for you, the owner, to work with too.

What does “easy for you, the owner”, mean? Well, we always use machine washable and dryable materials—including the filling. We make the components of our beds available for purchase separately. These also happen to be qualities that extend the life of the bed.

And we make them look nice enough for your living room!

The Relationship between Quality and the Environment

You’ll read elsewhere how we’ve used recycled materials to fill our beds since our beginning in 2001. But we believe that good quality and design principles will help the environment even more than our use of recycled materials.

Why do we believe this? Well, we make durable, washable beds and offer replacement parts. This means we build our beds to last a darn long time. And the spare parts mean you don't have to buy an entirely new bed if your beast gets rowdy with the outer cover. So every person who buys a Big Shrimpy bed will NOT buy and throw away 15 or 30 cheapo beds over the lifetime of the pet.  You know those cheap beds pet beds we're talking about here.  The ones with the inner pillow made out of that white non-woven material that looks barely strong enough to serve as a coffee filter. In fact it probably wouldn't.  And then there's those lame-o beds with the outer covers made of cotton so thin it wouldn't even do well as a handkerchief. Don't waste your money on those. 

Check out our Cost Analysis page in this section of our site and then imagine the number of dog beds that you will NOT send to a landfill.

That’s not to say that if you have your Big Shrimpy bed long enough, you won’t have to replace the cover someday. But for the most part, once you own a Big Shrimpy bed, you won’t have to worry about buying another entire bed.

Read the details about our design principles on our Design page.