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Full Circle Recycling

Minimum, Inc. offers customers the opportunity to participate in its Full Circle program. Customers may recycle any Big Shrimpy, Mosier Valley or Mariposa product ever purchased.

Before you take part in our recycling program, we want to make sure you’re aware:

  • Every part of one of our products, including the SmartFill® fiber we use to fill our filled products, is machine washable and dryable.
  • Big Shrimpy pet bed and Landing Pad covers, empty inner liners, filled inner liners, and crate pad cushions are all available for purchase separately.
  • With these options, your Big Shrimpy product may last forever but if you have finally decided that it’s time for your worn-out, used-up, Big Shrimpy, Mosier Valley or Mariposa product to go away…don’t throw it out! Send it in! We will recycle the outer cover, inner liner, the SmartFill or pad into blended fibers that can be used in other industries.

Recycling Instructions

!! Important !! Please wash and dry all parts of your Big Shrimpy, Mosier Valley or Mariposa product, including the SmartFill fiber (if the item contains SmartFill) according to our washing and drying instructions. If it’s a bed you’re sending in, you do not need to reassemble it. Just box up all the washed and dried components and send it via UPS or FedEx to: 

Big Shrimpy
Full Circle Recycling
15 North 15th Street
Billings, MT  59101

We are proud to be the first and only company to offer recycling of its pet beds, and we know we could not do it without the participation of our customers. Ultimately it’s you who does the recycling.  Without you it doesn’t happen. Thank you!